Consular Services

Welcome to the new website of the Embassy of the State of Eritrea in Stockholm, Sweden. Our Embassy, which is concurrently accredited to the other Scandinavian countries, namely, Kingdom of Norway, Finland and Kingdom of Denmark. The Embassy has improved the website, in order to give our visitors a better service. One of the newest and most promising nations in Africa, Eritrea, has a strategic location with a coastline of close to 1200 km and an archipelago of over 350 islands along the busiest Red Sea corridor. Its two important ports, Massawa and Assab, can provide easy access to regional and international markets. This is a major advantage for establishing competitive industrial and service oriented investments and hence Eritrea, could serve as the hub of international business, investment and financial activities. A new free trade zone is being established in Massawa, which along with the new international airport nearby, is directed towards that aim. In addition, the Government of Eritrea is committed to put across open development processes with generous tax incentives for investors.

Our duty is to enhance and strengthen the already longstanding ties between Eritrea and the Scandinavian Countries. Our Embassy’s mission is threefold:

·    To conduct diplomatic relations between Eritrea and the Scandinavian countries;
·    To encourage people-to-people relations between Eritrea and the Scandinavian countries.
·    To engage and assist Scandinavians and Eritreans, residing in the Scandinavian countries, to visit and invest in Eritrea and develop commercial, cultural and educational relations.

Our government has made it clear that economic development and food security are the top priorities in its agenda.  A strong partnership between Eritrea and the Scandinavian countries in the fields of research and technology will prove invaluable to our endeavors.  It is also important to note that the Scandinavian countries are among those countries inEurope which have large numbers of people with Eritrean background. The Embassy, is actively working with Eritrean communities in the Scandinavian countries in order to better forge development ties between them and their country of origin. We commend and highly appreciate the support that many Eritreans residing in the Scandinavian countries have made to their compatriots back home at critical times and their engagement in the development efforts of Eritrea.

In conclusion, we would like to highlight that despite the temporary challenges facing Eritrea, we remain optimistic, and are convinced, that our immense resources—both human and natural—will prevail in the development of our country.  We invite you, first through this Web site and then, hopefully, through your own travels, to learn more aboutEritrea’s diversified geography, culture, pride and beauty of our people. Thank you for visiting our website.